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Testimonial - My Father's Stroke

In year 2001, my father who was 79 years old at that time had a stroke. In fact he had been suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes at the age of mid 40's. Subsequently, he suffered from one of the blood vessels related complications in which all the minute blood vessels at his brain became brittle and ruptured 4 times within a month. Doctors removed the blood clots one after another and finally they could not take the risk to operate on his brain anymore. With God's grace, my up line Mr. Cheng Peng Yen took some time to convince me to believe in RG and GL from DXN. Miraculously, my father recovered completely after taking RG/GL for 3 months.

Being a medical professional, DXN RG/GL is one of the greatest discovery in solving blood vessel related problems. I began collecting literatures and do more research on Ganoderma. As time goes by, I get more excited after knowing and uncovering more secrets of the Ganoderma, especially Ganoderma in DXN is so unique at performing miracles on our body. DXN core products are Ganoderma Lucidum (RG) and Ganocelium (GL). She is known for cultivating the local Ganoderma using advanced technology to ensure good therapeutic effects. DXN has successfully created the branding "MALAYSIA GANODERMA" and within 28 years she has been extended to 189 countries worldwide, which proves the unique quality and reliability of the products. I have been in nursing career since 1976. The frustration especially over premature deaths keeps flaring in me as this continues to occur from these groups of people: heart disease, diabetic and cancer patients. These premature deaths are in fact PREVENTABLE as well as REVERSABLE but so far the long run solution is not found in medical fields. The ray of hope to these health problems I finally found in DXN and my family has been in the pinkest of health since knowing her 21 years ago!


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