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William Gan

Senior Ganotherapy Consultant Nutritionist in Preventive & Integrated Health 

William was a trained engineer, graduated from Electronics Engineering Majoring in Telecommunications (Hons).

He has personally experienced the functionality of Ganotherapy (medical mushroom therapy) first hand on his very own health since he was younger. Despite his engineering background, William was also exposed to the knowledge and application of Ganotherapy for several years and he grew interest in health and wellness. He then pursued a higher learning in University Malaya in Nutrition specialized in Preventive Health (EMPH). Currently, William is working as an Integrated Health Nutritionist, specializing in providing health education and consultation to the patients.

In the area of experience to health trainings, William has conducted health education and seminars locally, as well as he was being part of the health road shows in different regions of Europe and a number of countries in South America for 10 years. William has been responsible for all the comprehensive health modules in JaneGano Wellness and Disease Management Centre.

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