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<Longlife Magazine> Feature Testimonial Story: Head Nurse Jane Conquers Dengue Fever

Ganocelium Repairs and Rejuvenates Blood Platelets

Head Nurse Jane Conquers Dengue Fever

Abstract: Ms Tan unfortunately suffered from dengue fever, when she was admitted to the hospital, her platelet level dropped from 122 to 9 (109/L), her life was at stake. However, after she consumed the Ganocelium given by ex-head nurse Jane Yau, her platelet level rapidly elevated overnight, even the doctors were amazed by the results.


Prevalence of dengue infections in Malaysia has been increasing steadily over the past decades. Many people know that there is no specific treatment on dengue fever. This is also a fact that is verified by the ex-head nurse, Jane Yau. However according to Jane’s professional expertise and experience in the field of managing dengue fever, the mycelium of Ganoderma (Ganocelium), is able to help one to recover from dengue fever effectively.

Jane further explained in <Longlife Magazine> that the virus is transmitted from the bites of Aedes mosquitos. This virus leads to dengue fever or dengue haemorrhagic fever. The latter generally has more severe complications when the virus invades the human body and damages the fine blood vessels, causing severe internal bleeding over time.

“When there is internal bleeding, platelets in the body would rapidly work to repair the damaged micro-vessels. However, as the dengue viral load becomes higher, more platelets would be consumed to repair the damaged cells, resulting in continuous reduction in platelet count. Although there is no specific medical treatment for dengue fever, but patients are requested to be admitted to the hospital, so that the platelet count can be closely monitored.”

“If it is found that the platelet count has dropped to a life-threatening level, the patient will be given blood transfusion immediately to supplement the platelets in the blood plasma, in order to keep the patient alive.” A normal platelet count in adults ranges from 200 to 400 (109/L). Any time when the platelet count of a dengue fever patient drops to around 100 (109/L), the doctors would advise the patient to be admitted to the hospital for monitoring.

Based on past patient symptom reports, dengue virus depletes the existing platelet count in the blood drastically when the virus is not curbed by the body immune system in time, the virus continues to cause a more extensive damage on micro-vessels and even major blood vessels. When these damaged blood vessels are not being repaired in time due to the depletion of platelets, the patients may experience internal haemorrhage such as bleeding in the eyes, ears or nose, which could lead to bloody cough or sneeze.

Platelet level improves rapidly

After many years of service in the hospital, Jane has seen various symptoms of mild to severe cases of dengue fever. Nevertheless, deep down in her heart, she has always been searching for a good and an effective solution for the dengue fever patients.

Despite being a retiree, Jane still kept herself busy serving patients. Whenever she heard of any patient suffering from dengue fever, she would be racing against the clock to fetch Ganocelium to her patients as a life-saving mission. With the help of Ganocelium, the patients were able to be discharged from the hospital when their platelet counts had been raised to a safe level. It has been a great joy for Jane to see the people enduring from dengue fever, got well.

Jane shared with the reporter of <Longlife Magazine> that, the main reason for Ganocelium’s effectiveness in optimising the platelet level is due to the high content of polysaccharide D6 found in Ganocelium. Ganocelium is, in fact the root of the young Ganoderma mushroom. This part of the young Ganoderma mushroom provides a wide array of nutrients, including polysaccharide D6, which are beneficial for the bone marrow, blood cell production, as well as modulating the immune system, such as phagocytes, T-cells and T-lymphocytes. Not only that, the Ganocelium is able to elevate the oxygen level within the bodily tissues. With these nourishing components provided to the body, the dengue fever viral load can be arrested rapidly, thus helping the affected individual to regain physical strength and ameliorate the healing ability of the body.

Jane has helped multiple patients to recover from dengue fever by using Ganoderma and Ganocelium. Ms Tan was one of the most serious dengue fever cases managed by Jane. She was also a nurse and when she was admitted to the hospital, her platelet count continued to drop from 122 to 9 (109/L). She was in a very critical condition. With that critically low level of platelet count, Ms Tan could be internally bleeding to death.

Although Ms Tan had been administered with 5 pints of blood since the day she was hospitalized, her platelet level showed no sign of improvement but the drop of the platelet count persisted. During that time, blood stains could be seen on her gums and teeth. She also experienced frequent vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue, low respiration rate, and she could barely open her eyes.

Considering her critical condition, the doctors had to perform another 6 pints of blood transfusion. Nonetheless, her platelet level increased narrowly to 13 (109/L), which was still considered in a dangerously low level. Therefore, she had to stay in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for further monitoring.

Ms. Tan’s husband, Mr. Tang, was the main caregiver at that time. He coincidently bumped into his friend, who worked as a hawker, in the hospital. He shared that his wife had been admitted to the same hospital due to dengue fever but she got well in just two days. Mr. Tang was very amazed by how her health condition greatly improved from a critical status in just two days. The friend further revealed that his wife got better after consuming Ganocelium, which helped her to recover so quickly. The friend then shared Jane’s contact with Mr Tang.

Mr Tang was quite sceptical at first, but at the same time, he was also feeling anxious about his wife’s condition. He frequently asked the doctor about her progress and the doctor comforted him that they were doing their best and told him not worry too much. Considering the fact that the doctor could only provide blood transfusion as the medical treatment, this has left Mr Tang no other options but to call Jane up for help. When Jane arrived at the hospital, she quickly passed the Ganocelium to Mr Tang and advised Ms Tan to take ten capsules of Ganocelium every hour.

Ms Tan felt the difference after consuming the first ten capsules of Ganocelium. She was able to sleep more soundly. After waking up from an hour of sleep, she felt slightly more energetic and she was no longer feeling dizzy. She could even go to the bathroom on her own.

By the time she took another ten capsules of Ganocelium in the second hour, she felt that her strength and energy were restored. She took a total of seventy Ganocelium capsules on the first night distributed over seven hours, then another ten capsules in the next morning at 9am. By the time she went for a blood test at 9.35am, the test result at 11am showed that her platelet count increased to 47 (109/L).

The doctors were amazed by the progress, but they did not question further and they allowed her to be discharged home to recuperate.

Ganoderma helps to support detoxification and improve blood circulation

According to Jane’s professional view and experience in managing dengue fever, she observed that many of the post-dengue fever patients tend to develop pre-hypertensive disorder or high blood pressure after recovery. Ms. Tan was advised to consume Ganoderma fruit body after her hospital discharge.

After in-depth studies by Jane, it was found out that the residues of the post infection, together with the dead white blood cells tend to increase the viscosity of the blood temporarily before they could be managed by the body system. In addition, the accumulation of dead cells on the blood vessel walls during the process of recovery from dengue fever may cause resistance build-up in the blood flow, resulting in the elevation of blood pressure temporarily. If this situation happens on anyone with a medical history of high blood pressure, the consequences would be more damaging.

Ganoderma is very useful for this condition as it is known to have the benefits of optimizing detoxification and improving blood circulation. Thus, it is able to help to clean up the dead cells and remove from the body more effectively.


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